Montag, 25. April 2011

About This Blog

So I finally decided (and found the motivation *cough*) to start a personal Java Tech Blog as a public plattform for my personal projects, ideas, technologies.
Pretty late to enter the Web 2.0, of course, especially for someone with high affinity to informatics and the net as a source of information and knowledge.
Anyway, here it is.

This blog will be a front end counterpart for my web domain ( which is currently just a place to host files with no website on its own (sadly no time to do one :( ) and my Open Source Sourceforge repository ( where most of my projects are located.

It's about time to have a platform for publishing, linking and discussing articles about concepts (e.g. "Throwable is no Exception" or "Why .equals() is broken") and upcoming papers about nearly completed projects (e.g. about one of my projects: a whole new and, with all due respect to the JDK, "proper" Java Collections framework).

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