Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011

Java Single Page Reference

Some time ago, I had the idea of condensing all non-trivial Java syntax, specially treated standard API (JDK) components and basic conceptional terms on one single page - a Java Single Page Reference.
The intention is not to write another programming guide or such (would hardly fit on one page :-D), but to have a nice and lean overview of common language items that are enountered in basic and advanced Java developing with each item being a link to a detailed explanation somewhere else on the web. For example if someone hasn't dealt with, say the Externalizable interface or reflection or proxy classes, etc., it would be always a simple thing to open the reference page and find a link to a nice article on the unknown topic (because, believe it or not, some Java topics are still hard to google or the search takes at least more than a quick glance. For example researching what that "SAM" meant that everybody on lambda-dev was taking about was anything but a quick thing to do back then ^^).
Also, I find it intriguing and inspiring to have the whole language (on a very condensed level, of course) at a glance.

Sadly, for now it's just a plain PDF without any links, but the goal is to create it a nice HTML site, of course.
Still, it might be worthwhile to present it even in this early form. I'm sure many people can find an intresting item to google here and there that they aren't aware of, yet. Or post a comment about a missing item that I don't know, yet, of course :-).

So, here it is: Java Single Page Reference (PDF)

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